About Us

A collection of 10,000 Soldudes

Soldudes is a community-driven collectibles NFT project. Soldudes NFTs are made up with over hundred exciting traits of faces, hair, hats, bodies, accessories and backgrounds. Each soldude is a unique, Non-funigble token (NFT) on solana blockchain.

Holding a soldude allowes you to participate in coordinating the soldudes community treasury. This treasury will be seeded with 500 sol after the public sale ends. Holders can vote for experiences, activations and campaigns benefit the soldudes.


  •  Soldudes presale will be on 15th january, 500 soldudes will be available for early supporters with  a special price.
  •  Holders of three soldudes are guaranteed to recieve one solana mandala NFT for free.
  •  Public sale to be announced after the presale is finished.
  •  Rarity chart to be released.
  • 3 prizes of 5000 USD for three lucky winners.
  • Soldudes collection already listed in three secondary marketplaces, solsea, digital eyes and exchange art, we will apply to list the collection in most of secondary marketplaces in solana blockchain.
  • Create soldudes DAO to provide maximum value to soldudes holders.
  • Launch of $ Dude DAO token, this token will allow you to make your voice heard in the community of soldudes, the more tokens you have the more important your vote will be in the decision to be taken. (there will be $ Dude token airdrop for the holders) moreover this token will be tradable on SRM (DEX).
  • 40% of royalities will be added to DAO treasury.
  • 30% of royalities will be for marketing purposes.
  • Buy back will be held in the secondary marketplaces to keep a good floor price of soldues (will be decided by Holders).
  • We will launch a new collection and the holders of soldudes will be airdropped.
  • Staking program to be released so the holders can earn rewards of staking by $Dude token.
  • Other future utilities to be added to the project such as play to earn game, the soldudes DAO will decide that  by voting.


> What is the total supply?
Total supply is 10000.
> Which blockchain?
> Is there a presale?
Yes, the presale will be on 15th jan.
> What is the presale price?
The price will be 0,07 sol (special price for early supporters).
> When is the publice sale?
The public mint will be announced later.
> What is the public mint price?
Will be announced later and it will be much higher than the presale price.
> How many mints can I get?
There is no limit.
> Are there any royalities on secondary sales?
Yes, rolyalities will be 5%.

Market places

Our Team


layan is an artist from the bottom of her heart, the person of action, and every detail of the soldudes collection is created by her gifted hands.

Tech team


Project manager, a person with idealistic views of equality and decentralization deeply immersed in the DAO and NFT community. 

Pre-sale mint is live